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Manatee Chapter, NSDAR

Our chapter draws its name from our county, Manatee, located just south of the beautiful Bay of Tampa. Manatee is also the name of the river that flows past our doors. The name Manatee appears to have come from the Cariban Indian language which referred to the sea cows or water mammals (manatees) that live in the river. The organizing regent was Mrs. Blanche W. Hendrickson. Other organizing officers were Aileen Botkins, Marie Craighead, Moreen Carlisle, Mary Harris, Margaret Brewster, Susan Fay, and Helen Taylor. The chapter was organized September 14, 1951.

How Do I Join the DAR? 

Manatee Chapter Christmas Luncheon 2023

What makes our Chapter Thrive!

Manatee Chapter kicks of the 2023-2024 year with a “Committees” presentation by our very own First Vice Regent.  This meeting’s program,  held at the Manatee Community Foundation, was all about identifying our committees, the committee chairman and how everyone can get involved.  There is no stopping our momentum with participation by each and every daughter! 

Opening of presentation by our First Vice Regent, Celebrating Stars and Stripes Forever – Our Committees and how you can get involved.  

Manatee Regent, with our First Vice Regent after the wonderful presentation

Manatee Chapter Daughters at Fall Forum 2023

DAR Military Veterans

Manatee Chapter Registrar, Vice Regent and Past Regent

First Vice Regent, Immediate Past Regent and Vice President General

Our 2023 -2025 Regent, Manatee Chapter Daughter and our Registrar

                  Manatee Chapter was very well represented at this years Florida Fall Forum. 

Past and Present Manatee Chapter Regents

New Board Installation 2023

Manatee Chapter was so very honored to have our Florida State Regent install our 2023-2025 Board at our May luncheon held at the Bradenton Yacht Club.

Manatee Chapter Honorary Regents


Founding Regent Mrs. Blanche W. Hendrickson

At our December Christmas Luncheon, we had a delightful presentation enlightening us of the tremendous contributions of our founding regent, Mrs. Blanche W. Hendrickson.

Blanche W. Hendrickson display

Blanche W. Moyer Hendrickson presentation


2023-2025 Executive Board of the Manatee Chapter

Chapter Members L-R: Librarian, Historian, Registrar, Florida State Regent, Treasurer, Chaplin,
2nd Vice Regent, Regent. Not pictured, 1st Vice Regent

2021-2023 Executive Board of the Manatee Chapter

Chapter Members L-R: Librarian, Historian, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain, 2nd Vice Regent, 1st Vice Regent, Chapter Regent, Past Regent. Not pictured, Registrar. 

2022 Quilt Expo

Through our community outreach, the Manatee Chapter was invited to participate in the 2022 Quilt Expo, sponsored by the Manatee Patchworker’s Quilt Guild. It gave us a great opportunity to update the public on what the DAR is and how we contribute to the community through our historic preservation, education and patriotism projects. 

Chapter Members

Chapter Members

Manatee Chapter DAR hosts Manasota Flag Day Luncheon

Each year we celebrate our Flag of the United States of America. The Manatee Chapter hosted the 2021 luncheon featuring Betsy Ross, “The Myth, the Fabric, the Patriot”. Guests learned how to create a five-point star. Everyone honored their patriots by saying their name, while placing a pin where their patriot lived. Even Betsy’s great granddaughter Sarah Markley Wilson, arrived to exclaim her excitement over becoming a new member. We honored the flag with singing a rendition of “You’re a Grand Old Flag”

NSDAR Vice President General, Florida State Regent, Manatee Chapter Regent

Past Regent Joshua Stevens Chapter portrayed “Betsy Ross” with Saramana Color Guard Member

                                                                Saramana SAR Color guard

Singing of the Grand Old Flag

State Regent, “Betsy Ross” Manatee Chapter Regent

Guest speaker “Betsy Ross” 

Honoring our Patriots

Guess the Betsy Spools contest. How many wooden thread spools are in the jar?

Making a 5-point star

George Washington wanted a flag with 6-point stars. Betsy suggested, “I think 5 points look better and is much easier to do. With a few folds, a 5-pointed star can be done with a single snip.”

Honoring our Patriots                                              


“Great granddaughter  of Betsy Ross  (Sarah Markley Wilson) and Betsy Ross”

Manatee Chapter Regent waving her flag during The Grand Old Flag

   American Spirit Recognition Letter


    2020 Community Service Award

Christmas Luncheon – 2019

October Meeting brings Five Current & Past Regents together!

Manatee Chapter Regents and years they served:
(2009-2011), (2011-2013, 2018-2019), (2013-2017), (2018), (2019-2020)

Silver Arrow Award

Manatee Chapter was awarded the Silver Arrow Award for increasing new membership
by 10% in each of the previous three years.

Continental Congress – 2019

The 128th Continental Congress, held in Washington DC. This event is the Society’s national convention, and includes the business proceedings, award presentations, committee presentations, and entertainment.

Manatee Millinery & Installation of Officers – 2019

The theme of our May Meeting was “Hats off to DAR”! Chapter members shopped for hats at the Manatee Millinery Shop owned by the current Chapter Regent. They searched for hats but just could not find one that worked for them. BUT, they knew who could wear these specifically-designed hats….our newly incoming chapter officers!


Chapter Librarian                                         Chapter Regent                         Chapter Treasurer

To make the day even more memorable of our incoming officers, our Past Regent offered a             “Candy Installation”. Each officer was given a candy bar that depicted her roll in her new position.

For the Registrar – M&M’s, representing the millions of members you will escort into DAR life.

For Chapter Historian, the chapter history is the FRUIT of your labor, some will be JUICY….. all will be colorful.

For Chapter Chaplain – you are charged with the GOOD of conducting memorials and the opening ritual and PLENTY of compassion and inspiration.


105th Birthday Celebration!

We were honored to celebrate the 105th birthday of our dear member


                                      Birthday girl                                     

     Manatee Chapter Celebrates the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the NSDAR

Oct 9th, 2015 125th Anniversary of NSDAR

NSDAR logo_c_72_whiteThroughout 2015, the Daughters of the American Revolution celebrated 125 years of service to America. The DAR was founded on October 11, 1890 to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism. This significant anniversary was an incredible opportunity to share DAR’s fascinating history, as well as our organization’s contemporary relevance. We honor the members who made the DAR what it is today and celebrated those who continue their work for the future.

 Manatee Chapter adopts a Sea Turtle Nest!

Manatee Chapter Conservation, Turtle Watch, Anna Maria Island, FL

Manatee Chapter Conservation, Turtle Watch, Anna Maria Island, FL

  Our Chapter Member received the NSDAR Excellence in Community Service Award March (2016)


Chapter Regent of the Manatee Chapter, pictured with award recipient.  

As a volunteer with the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch, with the Turtle Watch Director, Suzi Fox, who praised her enthusiasm, passion, kindness and politeness.

She also volunteers with Shorebird Monitoring, and the Sarasota Audubon Society and Nature Center.  

Cynthia Wilson, award chairperson for the DAR, quoted Jeanne Dubi, president of Sarasota Audubon, as applauding her abilities with the public as an Audubon ambassador.

Suzi Fox receives NSDAR Community Service Award – February 2014

utf-8''P2140011Ms. Fox spent countless hours educating residents, visitors, businesses, local officials and law enforcement on how to utf-8''P2140009work together to preserve sea turtles and shorebirds. She has worked with coastal residents and businesses on “turtle-friendly” lighting. As a result, there has been a dramatic decrease in hatchling disorientation achieved at seven different properties after converting to turtle-friendly lighting. Disorientations were reduced to zero at all sites. At the February 14, Manatee Chapter DAR meeting, Manatee Chapter Members are shown with Ms. Fox, who was awarded the DAR’s Conservation certificate and medal. In the audience were Manatee County Commissioner, John Chappie, Suzi’s sister, Nancy Banman, as well as chapter members and guests.


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