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Achtziger, Christophe **LAPatriotic
Alderman, Sr., DanielNCPatriotic
Alderman, DavidNCMilitary
Aldrich, IsaacSCPatriotic
Alexander, ArchibaldVACivil
Allerton, JohnNJMilitary
Anderson, CharlesVAMilitary
Andry, Louis AntoineLAPatriotic
Anglin, AdrianGA, VAMilitary
Baker, JaneVAPatriotic
Barber, SolomonMAMilitary
Barnum, Sr., JoshuaNYMilitary
Barr, JohnMAMilitary
Barron, IsaacMAMilitary, Patriotic
Bayne, NathanPAMilitary, Patriotic
Beatty, JohnVACivil
Benedict, SilasCTMilitary
Bennett, JobMAMilitary
Bennett, IshmaelCTMilitary
Best, JohnNCPatriotic
Biery, MichaelPAMilitary
Bingham, AlvinCTMilitary, Patriotic
Blake, IshamVAMilitary
Blasser, LawrenceNYMilitary
Bonner, BenjaminNCMilitary, Patriotic
Bonner, ThomasNCMilitary, Patriotic
Booker, GeorgeVAMilitary, Patriotic
Bossier, Georges **LAPatriotic
Bossier, PierreLAPatriotic
Bostwick, RobertCTPatriotic
Bourne, Antoine **LAPatriotic
Bowen, LillyVAPatriotic
Brantley, WilliamNCMilitary
Brevard, BenjaminMDPatriotic
Brown, Jacob **NCPatriotic
Brown, JamesDEPatriotic
Brown, JosiahNHMilitary
Brown, WhiteNCPatriotic
Bryant, JohnMAMilitary
Burns, JosephVAPatriotic
Cantrell, MichelLAPatriotic
Carleton, ThomasNCPatriotic
Carpenter, SamuelNYMilitary
Castleberry, JohnGAMilitary
Chapman, Sr., John VAPatriotic
Childs, NathanNCPatriotic
Clark, David **NCMilitary
Colburn, ReubenMAPatriotic
Collamore, PeterMAMilitary
Collier, Charles **VAPatriotic
Cook, StephenPAMilitary, Patriotic
Corn, John PeterVAMilitary, Patriotic
Cornell, GideonRIMilitary
Cowing, AndrewVAMilitary
Cox, RichardNJPatriotic, Civil
Cox, SamuelVAMilitary
Cox, Sr. ThomasNJPatriotic
Cragg Jr., WilliamVAMilitary
Crowell, SylvanusNJMilitary
Dalrymple, AndrewNJPatriotic
Dance, Jr., Thomas VAMilitary
Dance, Sr., Thomas VAPatriotic
Daniels, JosiahVAMilitary
Davis, WilliamNJMilitary, Patriotic
Davis, Sr., William NJPatriotic
Day, EliphaletMAPatriotic
Dillingham, VachelNCPatriotic, Civil
Donnell, ZechariahMAMilitary
Durand, Sr., Francis J. NYMilitary
Durand, Jr., Francis J. NY, CTMilitary
Dysart, JamesVAMilitary
Earle, BaylisSCMilitary, Patriotic
Eastman, Sr., Joseph CTMilitary
Elder, DavidVAMilitary
Ellerbe, ThomasSCMilitary, Patriotic
Emerick, AdamPAPatriotic
Estep, RobertPAMilitary
Estes, ElishaVAPatriotic
Estes, Richard **VAMilitary, Patriotic
Eveland, FrederickCTMilitary
Farley, JamesVAPatriotic
Fast, ChristianVA, PAMilitary, Patriotic
Feaster, George AdamPAMilitary
Fisher, MinneNYPatriotic
Forsyth, James E. NCPatriotic
Foster, WilliamVAMilitary
Frantz, AbrahamPAPatriotic
Frantz, SebastianNYMilitary
French, AlexanderPAMilitary
French, HaynesVTMilitary
French, JohnVTMilitary
Fretz, ChristianPAPatriotic
Fudge, JohnVAPatriotic
Garner, JamesVAMilitary
Gordon, SamuelVAMilitary
Green, PhilipRIPatriotic
Green, WilliamRIPatriotic
Green, WilliamVAMilitary
Griffin, EzraCT, NJMilitary
Guidry, Joseph **SAPatriotic
Harbaugh, YostPAMilitary
Hardesty, RobertMDPatriotic
Harris, ThomasSCMilitary
Hart, Nancy AnnGAPatriotic
Hill, IsaacMDMilitary
Hoffman, JohnNJMilitary
Holcomb, ElijahPA, NJMilitary
Hollingsworth, Zebulon NCMilitary
Holloway, WilliamVAPatriotic
Hornor, JacobPAPatriotic
Horton, Jr., Ezra **CTMilitary
Horton, Sr., Ezra **CTPatriotic
Hosmer, GravesCTMilitary
Howe, ArtemasMA, VTMilitary
Hymel, Sebastien **LAPatriotic
Ide, EzraMAMilitary
Inyard, WilliamPAMilitary
Irons, GarrettNJMilitary
Jackson, MosesVAMilitary
Johnson, LawrenceNYMilitary
Josselyn, EleazerMAMilitary
Keech, MartinPAMilitary
Kegereis, MichaelPAMilitary, Patriotic
Keller, Jean PierreLAPatriotic
Kettell, AbrahamPAMililtary
Key, Sr., Martin VAPatriotic
Kibbe, IsraelCTMilitary
Killian, JacobNCMilitary
Kivett, PeterNCPatriotic, Civil
Lail, GeorgeVAMilitary, Patriotic
Lail, Margaret A. VAPatriotic
Lawrence, MichaelNCMilitary
Le Boeuf, Pierre C. **LAPatriotic
Learned, AbijahNHPatriotic
Lee, SampsonNCMilitary
Lee, Jr., William VAMilitary
Leiby, FrederickPAMilitary, Patriotic
Lemasters, BenjaminVAMilitary
Libby, ThomasMAMilitary
Liberger, LudwickPAMilitary
Lippitt, JeremiahRICivil
Littler, John **PAPatriotic
Low, AnthonyRIMilitary, Patriotic
Lowell, PeterNHMilitary
Luck, SamluelVAPatriotic
Marr, JohnMAMilitary
Marshall, JoelMAMilitary
Mason, Matthew **NCMilitary
Maull, JohnDEPatriotic
Maxey, Sr., WalterVAPatriotic
May, NehemiahMAMilitary, Patriotic
McCampbell, WilliamVAPatriotic
McCoy, WilliamVAMilitary
McDuffee, ArchibaldNCPatriotic
McFarland, DanielPAMilitary
McKenney, DanielPA, VAMilitary, Patriotic
McMillan, JamesSCMilitary
McMillan, JohnNYMilitary
Meek, JacobVA, PAMilitary
Mensch, ChristianPAMilitary
Merrill, JohnMAMilitary
Mickey, DanielPAMilitary
Middleswart, AbrahamPAPatriotic
Miller, Sr., Jacob VAPatriotic
Miller, Jr., Jacob VAMilitary, Patriotic
Miller, NoahCTMilitary
Miner, Larkin M. VAMilitary
Miner, GarrettVAMilitary
Moore, NathanielMAMilitary
Morelock, GeorgePAMilitary
Morris, SamuelPAMilitary
Norris, JosephMDPatriotic
Nungesser, John GeorgePAMilitary
Nye, JonathanMAMilitary
Oates, JesseNCMilitary
Oates, JethroNCPatriotic
Parr, JohnVAMilitary, Patriotic, Civil
Perry, AbijahNHMilitary
Perry, JohnNCMilitary
Phelps, HomerCTMilitary
Porter, WilliamVAMilitary
Prince, JohnSCPatriotic
Prior, JohnPAMilitary
Puryear, WilliamNCPatriotic
Rives, Thomas HenryVAPatriotic
Robertson, RichardNCMilitary
Rogers, HughNCMilitary
Ross, AmroseVAMilitary
Roush, HenryVAMilitary, Patriotic
Ruggles, AshbelCTMilitary, Civil
Ruggles, Sr., JosephCTPatriotic, Civil
Salisbury, HenryNYPatriotic
Seay, Jacob **VAPatriotic
Seay, Moses **VAPatriotic
Sewall, Jr., Samuel NCMilitary, Patriotic
Shockley, ThomasVAMilitary
Smith, StephenNCMilitary
Stebbins, BenjaminVTMilitary
Stevens, JosephMAMilitary
Stiely, John Dietrich **PAPatriotic
Stone, RichardVAPatriotic
Taylor Sr., Andrew NCCivil
Taylor, JohnNYCivil
Taylor, NimrodVAMilitary
Teeter, PaulVAMilitary, Patriotic
Thomas, CarollPAMilitary
Thomas, GilesMDMilitary
Thornton, Sr., William VACivil
Titus, JosephCTMilitary
Trexler, Jacques **LAPatriotic
Troxell, DanielPAMilitary, Patriotic
Troxell, Sr., Peter PAPatriotic
Truesdale, JesseNYMilitary
Truxtun, ThomasPAMilitary
Turner, JamesSCMilitary
Twining, JohnNJPatriotic
Vance, JosephVAMilitary
Vicner, Jean Balthasar **LAPatriotic
Violet, JohnVAMilitary
Watkins, SamuelVAMilitary
Weeks, Sr., Jonathan CTPatriotic
Weeks, SamuelMAMilitary
Weethee, JamesNHCivil
Wentworth, PaulMAMilitary
Wilford, Joseph **PAMilitary, Patriotic
Wilson, JamesPAMilitary
Wisdom, FrancisVAPatriotic
Wiseman, WilliamNCPatriotic
Wood, SamuelNCMilitary
Woollen, WilliamMDMilitary
Yates, George JamesMAMilitary

**signifies a “New” Patriot in the DAR.  A new Patriot is a Revolutionary War Ancestor which is entirely new in the DAR database and was proven by our Chapter member.  

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